Delivery and our Fleet

Our fleet of delivery vehicles offer a range of options for your needs.

Vehicles within our fleet

4-Wheel Tippers w/ Crane (Regular)

Load capacity - Bags

Load capacity - Loose

8-Wheel Tipper w/ Crane

Load capacity - Bags

Load capacity - Loose

8-Wheel Hook Lorry

Load capacity - Loose loads only

John Deere 6250R Tractor


Health and Safety at KPS is one of our main priorities.

Our vehicles are maintained to the best standards to ensure the safety of our drivers and customers.

All have GPS trackers fitted to them, which helps us provide accurate feedback for up to date delivery times.

Our fleet has achieved FORS Bronze accreditation proving we work to standards above the legal minimum.

We are currently investing in technology to upgrade our processes and to move with the times to ensure we provide the best service possible.

How much do I need?

This is one of the most asked questions by gardeners. This product is most often sold by the metric tonne (1000kg), but the easiest way to calculate the quantity required is by volume (cubic metres or litres).

Bag volume: 1 cubic metres
Your volume: 0.0 cubic metres (0 bags)