Register of Land-based Operatives Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness Course

KPS offer ROLO (Register of Land-based Operatives) training. This course is developed by BALI to raise the standards of health and safety, reduce risks and accidents throughout the industry for anyone working in the land based sector

In July 2014 the United Kingdom Contractors Group (UKCG) officially recognised BALI’s ROLO Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness Course under its UKCG Health and Safety Training Standard, now known as Build UK

The ROLO Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness Course is a pre-requisite for anyone applying for a LISS/CSCS SmartCard.

ROLO certificates are valid for 5 years. On application for your LISS/CSCS SmartCard, it is mandatory that your ROLO has been completed within the past 2 years.

Course Description

This one-day Level 1 Health and Safety related course is required for those who need to apply for a CSCS Blue card or an LISS card. Certification is through BALI (British Association of Landscape Industries).

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is ideal for anyone working in Conservation, Arboriculture and the Landscape industries, including; craftsmen, team leaders and general operatives.

The course itself and what will you learn?

This training will enable those attending to understand their responsibilities under the 1974 Health and Safety at work act and how to help reduce accidents and learn how to raise standards in their industries. The course will cover the following areas: 

  • Health and Safety Management
  • How the Health and Safety act (1974) applies
  • Site Safety
  • Environmental awareness
  • Use of relevant PPE
  • Fire prevention
  • Recognition of safety signs
  • Occupational health
  • Accident reporting and RIDDOR

Assessment and Certification

Each candidates sits a multiple choice exam and on successful completion will receive a certificate from BALI.

Course Duration

One day (7 hours including breaks).

Course Duration

£150 per person plus VAT (Minimum of 6 people)

How much do I need?

This is one of the most asked questions by gardeners. This product is most often sold by the metric tonne (1000kg), but the easiest way to calculate the quantity required is by volume (cubic metres or litres).

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