Saturday opening for Isfield will be the first Saturday of the month starting from 6th April. The dates are as follows:

April 6th, May 4th, June 1st, July 6th, August 3rd, September 7th, October 5th.

We will be open for green waste tipping and landscaping product collection on these dates.

Chipping & Biomass Services

Creating biomass chip with our latest chipper.

Heizohack Self-Feeding Whole Tree Chipper

The latest addition to our fleet is this self-feeding, whole tree chipper. It can chip wood up to 80cm across and is suitable for producing biomass chip.

This is available to hire with an operator, please contact the office on 01444 831 010 or email for details and prices.


What is Biomass?

Biomass is fuel developed from organic materials, a renewable and sustainable source of energy used to create electricity or other forms of power.

Biomass power is carbon neutral, generated from renewable organic waste that would otherwise be dumped in landfills, openly burned, or left as fodder for forest fires.

When burned, the energy in biomass is released as heat.

KPS is a registered supplier of biomass chip.  Listed on the BSL register and Certified by Woodsure for G50 woodchip.

Thank you to KPS for your compost which contributed to First Prize for Heaviest Marrow at Chailey Show and Heaviest Pumpkin at Barcombe!

— Local Resident

Our Services

We cover all aspects of tree care, hard and soft landscaping, fencing and garden maintenance.

We also offer a broad range of landscaping products from our green waste recycling facilities in Sussex, along with green waste curb-side collection and mobile composting services.

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